About E.S.A.

Welcome to the Erasmus Student Association

of the Athens University of Economics and Business

Member of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

The Erasmus Student Association (ESA) is a non-political, non-profit student organisation of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). ESA was founded on February 1992 by students of the AUEB who had participated in the Erasmus programme. Today, our members are mainly students having participated in the Erasmus programme in the past, so we all know exactly the exchange student feeling!


Our mission is to foster student mobility in Higher Education under the principle of Students Helping Students.


We help, in all possible ways, the Erasmus exchange students coming to study in AUEB (as well as in other universities in Athens) and the Greek students wishing to participate in the Erasmus program.

Our primary interest is to promote the European Union's programmes so that more young people will take advantage of the cultural benefits available and realise that there are many more things that bring people together than separate them, regardless of their country of origin, religion, economical background or political beliefs.

We help the incoming Erasmus exchange students in Athens by:

  • Getting in touch with them before their arrival in Athens
  • Arranging suitable accommodation for them
  • Providing them with an information package upon arrival
  • Organising an Introduction Week
  • Helping them with all the practical, everyday problems that they face
  • Organizing Cultural events, Parties, Trips and Sport activities.

We help the Greek students interested in studying abroad by:

  • Participating in meetings that each department of the AUEB organises to provide general information
  • Helping them choose a university suitable for them
  • Providing them with practical information about their host university
  • Getting them in touch with other Erasmus students
  • Organizing the "Erasmus Village" event (the incoming Erasmus Students present their universities to the Greek students that want to study abroad)

ESA is a member of the International Exchange Erasmus Student Network since 1992. This helps us stay in contact with our fellow European associations and cooperate closely with them in order to exchange opinions, ideas and improve the quality of the services we provide to our students!!!

Since ESA joined ESN International in 1992, we also adopted our ESN name, which was: ESN Athens till January 2010. After the 2nd National Platform of ESN Greece (the body of the Erasmus Associations that are active in Greece) we got our current name that is: ESN Athens AUEB.

ESN Athens AUEB is the first Erasmus Association in Greece.