Climate of Athens


 Athens is an ideal year-round city destination with comfortable and favourable climate conditions for travel and sightseeing. Rainfall is minimal (estimated at just 40 cm or 16 inches per year) and Helios, the sun god in Greek  mythology, smiles upon its streets over 300 days a year. The summers (June through August) are dry and hot with temperatures ranging from 78° to 94°F or 20° to 34°C and are recommended for diehard sun worshippers.  Seasonal winds, known as meltemi, may accompany some hot days depending on the climatic conditions. September is often considered the ideal month for both urban activities and nearby island day trips with temperatures  ranging from 70° to 83°F or 20° to 28°C.

 The Mediterranean climate makes for mild winters and even milder autumnin low-lying areas (such as Athens) with the coldest temperatures reported in January at a very temperate 41° to 55° F or 5°to 13°C. Christmas in  Athens is a delight considering you can take in the city’s lights and attractions at a relatively comfortable 45° to 50°F or 7° to 14°C. Snowy, icy days are few but within reach atop the surrounding mountain peaks. In  Athens, sunshine and outdoor living is almost always a givenNo matter what time of the year.

 Following is a month-by-month breakdown of average temperatures in Athens. (source: and Hellenic National Meteorological Service):

Jan: 5.2°-12.5°C/41°–54.5°F

Feb: 5.4°-13.5 °C/ 42° - 56.3°F

March: 6.7°- 15.7 °C / 44° – 60.26°F

April: 9.6°-20.2°°C/49°-68°F

May: 13.9°–26.0°C/57°-78°F

June: 18.2°-31.1°C/65-88°F

July: 20.8 °– 33.5 °C/69-92°F

Aug: 20.7°–33.2°C/69-92°F

Sep: 17.3°–29.2°C/63-85°F

Oct: 13.4°–23.3°C/56-74°F

Nov: 9.8° – 18.1 °C/50-65°F

Dec: 6.8° – 14.1 °C/44-57°F