Founded in October 1989 in Thessaloniki, MLS Multimedia SA quickly became a leader in the development and implementation of interactive media technology.

In 1999, the company was awarded the European Information Technology Grand Prize while in May 2001, it was officially listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Nowadays the name MLS is intertwined with a wide variety of innovative, cutting edge technology products, ranging in application from the automotive and education markets to office and entertainment.

Having developed a highly customer-oriented profile, the company aims at the creation of innovative products that ensure the best value for its customers, followed by a strong commitment to research and development (R&D). These continuous investments in the R&D sector, in addition to the focus on  innovative solutions, spur MLS to continuously offer more advanced and useful products to its' current markets, while expanding into new sectors that promote technology.

Additionally since Research & Development is the core of the company’s activities, MLS Multimedia has been engaging in various partnerships and research programs while providing its expertise to third parties by developing and supporting applications in the fields of educational technology, linguistic technology, telematics and multimedia applications.

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The offer is valuable at all MLS stores in Greece (Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki) , but not for MLS products from other stores. 

MLS Stores in Greece : 


1) MLS Store Mall

Andrea Papandreou 35, Marousi (The Mall Athens)


2) Digeni Akrita 40 & Argiroupoleos, Argiroupoli



MLS Store Piraeus:

Grigoriou Lampraki 120, Piraeus



1)VEPE TECHNOPOLIS, 555 35, Pilaia


2)MLS Store Tsimiski

Tsimiski 119, Thessaloniki


3) MLS Store Cosmos

Mediterranean Cosmos