F.A.Q. for incoming Erasmus Students


1. How many exchange students does AUEB receive per year?


AUEB receives more than 200 exchange students per year from all over Europe, mainly through the Erasmus/Socrates program. These students may choose to come to study in AUEB either for the Fall or Spring semester, or in some cases for a full Academic year (both semesters).


2. Who is responsible for the Erasmus/Socrates program in AUEB?

The person responsible for the international relations of the University as well as for the Erasmus/Socrates program is Mrs. Katerina Galanaki.

Tel.: (+30)2108203250 
Fax : (+30)2108228419 
E-mail: galanaki@aueb.gr
Website of the International relations Office of AUEB is: http://www.aueb.gr/pages_en/admin/iro.php


3. Can you describe the Academic Calendar for Erasmus students in AUEB?

Fall Semester

Duration: October 1st - February 15th

Classes: October 1st - January 14th

Exams: January 15th - February 15th


Spring Semester

Duration: February 15th - June 30th

Classes: February 15th - May 30th

Exams: June 1st - June 30th


September Re-seat examination period

Exams: September 1st - September 30th

(In case you did not pass an exam in your semester, you have second chance to pass it in the upcoming September Re-seat examination period)


4. Where can I find more detailed information about the Erasmus program of AUEB?

For more detailed information about the Erasmus Program of AUEB you should visit the official website of the University: http://www.aueb.gr/pages_en/erasmus/index.php


5. How many ECTS Credits is each course in AUEB valued for?

All courses in AUEB are valued 6 ECTS credits. The incoming Erasmus students can select the courses they wish, totaling 30 ECTS credits per semester and be examined according to AUEB's internal regulations.

AUEB's grading system is the following:

0 - 4: Fail

5 - 6: Good (5 is the lowest passing grade)

7 - 8: Very Good

9 - 10: Excellent


6. Does AUEB provide courses taught in English?

Although the official teaching language of AUEB is Greek, our University offers each semester a number of courses taught in English, in order to facilitate the Erasmus mobility


7. Does AUEB provide Greek Language courses?

For those of you interested in learning Modern Greek during your exchange period, we are very pleased to inform you that there is such a possibility. The university offers free of charge courses of the "Modern Greek Language" to interested Erasmus students. As soon as the incoming Erasmus students finalize their study program, they can apply for the language course at the Erasmus office.


8. How can I connect at the Internet at the University?

The University provides a computer laboratory to all Erasmus students. You can use the laboratory's computers in order to access the Internet or write assignments for your courses.

You can also access the Internet through a Wireless Internet Connection with your Lap-Top. Since the Computer Lab is often crowded, using your Lap-Top for accessing the Internet can save you a lot of waiting time. Therefore, we recommend that you bring your own Lap-Top with you (of course, at your own responsibility).


9. Is there a restaurant at the University?

Of course. Also all Erasmus students can purchase the Restaurant Card for 20euros and can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the University's restaurant for free every day, The restaurant  is situated at the basement of the main building.


10. Is there a sports facility close to the AUEB?

The University provides a variety of sport activities such as football (5x5), basketball, volleyball, swimming, track and field sports, tennis and table tennis. AUEB cooperates with the "Panellinios Sports Club" (at Mavromateon str., right behind the university), where you can find the majority of the activities provided.


11. Where is AUEB located in Athens?

AUEB is located in the center of Athens and is easily accessible by public transportation (Metro, Bus, Trolley). The University is located on 76 "Patission Street" (also known as "28 Octovriou Avenue"), really close to "Victoria" Metro station.


12. Does ESN Athens AUEB provide accommodation?

ESN Athens AUEB does not provide accommodation services directly, however we cooperate with Stay In Athens (www.stayinathens.com). The accommodation team of Stay In Athens has been providing accommodation to the incoming Erasmus students of AUEB for the past 7 years and their flats are located very close to the University. You can visit the Stay In Athens website to apply for accommodation.


13. Does ESN Athens AUEB organize an Introduction Week?

Yes! In the beginning of every semester ESN Athens AUEB organizes an Introduction Week in order to give the Erasmus students a chance to get to know each other! The Introduction week is also a great chance to get a first taste of the City! Although it is not obligatory to follow the intro-week's program, we highly recommend that you don't miss it!!! It's always a lot of fun!!!


14. Does ESN Athens AUEB organize trips for Erasmus students?

Yes! Every semester ESN Athens AUEB organizes a big trip to Myconos Island, one of the most beautiful Greek islands!!! Other trips are also organized on a regular basis.


15. Does ESN Athens AUEB have a mailing list for the incoming Erasmus students?

Yes! ESN Athens AUEB uses a Google-Group mailing list in order to communicate with the Erasmus exchange Students.