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Alma Dóra Ríkarðsdóttir - Iceland 

     An Erasmus experience is always special. You can ask any former exchange student and they will tell you the same thing, but I want to tell you why your exchange in Athens is going to be a very special one to you. First, the University will give you a full course list in English and Stay in Athens will provide you with a fully equipped accommodation for good prices in good locations. The volunteers of the ESN will make sure that you are never bored and take you on trips to show you their beautiful country starting from the very beginning with the intro week. The crisis and refugees will affect you very little, unless you would like to lend a helping hand in the many organizations working in the city. You will find out early on that there are way more Greek islands than weekends so you will have to select your destinations wisely. Soon things like Freddo cappuccino, pita gyros, tzatziki, Greek salads, rooftop bars in Monastiraki and the view from the Lycabetus hill will become a big part of your life that you will miss a lot when you leave. Last but not least I want to tell you that I will be jealous of you every second of your stay in Athens so promise me to make the most of it and enjoy every second because it all becomes amazing memories much sooner all of us dare to imagine.    

Giuseppe Bolognesi - Italy

     I’m Beppe, I’m from Italy and I went to Greece, more precisely in Athens to do my Erasmus: an amazing experience!! At the beginning I was a bit afraid because I didn’t know anyone and it was my first experience abroad, but since I arrived in Athens everything became magical: my roommates were very kind, everyone tried to know me, so I started to talk and share a lot of beautiful moments… And my fear disappeared soon!! Greece is very nice and people are very kind and helpful. Everyone there is very curious, friendly and sometimes they start to speak to you easily. I’m greateful to ESN, an association of young volunteers who work for Erasmus people. They make you feel at home, they let you know other Erasmus guys, they organize trips around Greece and in its islands, meetings, pic-nics, dinners, parties and much else. The work and the time that these guys spend for us is amazing and very helpful for young students coming from abroad!! The experience you live allows you to grow up as a person: you can know something more about the culture and the people leaving in the country and, at the same time, you get in touch with other guys from all over Europe and you share your experiences with them. It’s very nice to learn and know more! I met a lot of guys: German, French, Singaporeans, Icelanders, Belgian, Czech, Lituania and so on… All of them were very kind, open minded and cosy. The AUEB university is good and qualified, professors are competent and I would like to underline that for some courses, they do extra hours for teaching us. I don’t have words to say how efficient, helpful and kind is Mrs Vassiliki, the secretary responsible for the Erasmus students. The university has a very big and cool library where you can study and there is also a canteen where, every day, you can have your meals as the food is ok and you can meet and socialize with people: Erasmus and Greek ones. Anyway, the Erasmus experience doesn’t finish at the end of the semester as the friendships you made continue. After coming back I went to some European countries to visit friends and some of them came to visit me… we’re still keeping in touch, so everything hasn’t finished yet!! Greece is so amazing and it’s worthy to have an Erasmus experience there and as the ESN volunteers say, you must keep in mind two things: “live it, love it”!!