As we always say, every big experience, like Erasmus in our case should have an appropriate beginning. An introduction to the place, where it will take place. This introduction for our new Erasmus students was meant to be an Introduction or Intro Week where our lovely international friends had the chance to experience their new home better. Activities were so many and varied from visiting museums and archaelogical sites, where our new friends had the chance to learn a little bit better about the history of Athens from ancient times until the modern ones, to simple activities like table games in Thinking Cup cafe-restaurant and parties like "Name-Tags Party" in O.N.O.M.A.

Not only did everybody have a great time during the Intro week, but they also had the chance to get know with each other, make new great friendships and adapt themselves in their new home, that is Athens. Intro Week, including Mykonos Trip, lasted almost 9 days. Although everybody was having fun, this was just the beginning. The beginning of their new experience they will always remember.


P.S. You can find more pictures about the Intro Week in our facebook page here