~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>Guys, WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On 11 of November 2014 we organised an event as a part of the Social Erasmus week.

During Social Erasmus week all erasmus students across all Europe participated in a variety of social events involving charities, education, environmental cleaning and more, in order to promote the unity of international spirit and to show how simple people like us can make a huge difference in the world.

--ESN Athens AUEB--  participated as well with the 'Football For Food' event in order to connect with this big movement and give something back to the people that actually need it.
The rule of the event was simple--->Just bring some food no matter if u are participating in the event or not.

The (trully amazing) Erasmus students overcame our expectations and the outcome of this action was unbelievable!!!!!!!
Almost 100 people attended the event bringing food of any kind.
In the end we managed to gather more than 50kg of food by the teams and all the people making this event a milestone in ESN Athens AUEB's history!!!!

The next step was to actually do something with all this food.By gathering a team of Erasmus students and ESNers we managed to distribute all the 'easily' eatable food (like meat/tuna/bean cans,cereals,croissants,bread,juices,water...) to homeless people and all the food that needed cooking (like pasta,rise,lentils,beans...) to charity institutions that are preparing public meals for the poor.

********All in all we managed to make people smile and show that everything is possible through unity and team effort.************
We really want to thank so much all Erasmus students for their contributions!!!!
With alls of us it is possible to make a huge difference in people's lives!!!