Maria Kamperou

Student of AUEB, Department of Management Science & Technology

Two years ago I started my Erasmus journey. I spent five unforgettable months in Oslo, Norway! However how hard I try, there are not words able to describe the beauty of places that I visited and the amazing people that I met. When I came back I had a weird, uncomfortable feeling, like something was missing and it didn't go away. I realized that it was my fear of not having people next to me with the same passion of being citizens of the world. Until on day, I accidentally happened to be at an ESN gathering. I immediately knew, they were hungry to discover new places and meet new people, just like me.

Fun fact: I didn't manage to sleep properly my first five nights in Oslo just because I was too excited.


Alexandros Kokkinos

Student of AUEB, Department of Business Administration

Imagine that you land in a country in August. First thing you do, you swim in a beautiful lake, next to your place, in the middle of a spectacular and super green forest. You meet wonderful people from all over the world and you eagerly embrace all of the foreign cultural influences that you are being exposed. You reach the tops of steep Fjords and you reward yourself with magnificent landscapes and unforgettable memories. You party every week like it is going to be your last party and you have deep conversations or small talks with people that you just met. You conquer the northern part of the world and you stay awake, ecstatic with the stunning view of the dancing northern lights above you. Just before you take off, you have a walk, alone, on the lake that you swam when you had just landed, thinking all of the unique experiences that transformed you into something new. Would you like to spend 5 months of your life there? This was my Erasmus. This was Norway.
Fun fact: Dog sledding at the top of the world, under Arctic temperatures.


 Asimakis Sampanis

Student of AUEB, Department of Economic sciences

Hi adventurous people. My name is Asimakis and before a year i got sick and tired of the daily routine. Fortunately, i decided to go in Braga, Portugal. Yes, for Erasmus. I had an unusually amazing time there because i met different people and saw different places. When i returned in Greece no depresion was waiting for me, but something was missing. I wanted to keep the Erasmus spirit alive so here i am, in ESN Athens AUEB.

Fun Fact: During his Erasmus he learned that he loves cooking and especially baking.


Giannis Iakovidis

Student of AUEB, Department of Management Science & Technology

Hello everyone!! I am Giannis and one year ago I spent 5 amazing months in Oslo, Norway. My Erasmus journey started early on August and ended on December. Hiked at some of the most breathtaking places in the world (Trolltunga, Preikestolen, Kjerag), ice caved in a glacier in Iceland, experienced dog sledding above the Arctic Circle and of course been to many Erasmus parties. It is obvious now that when I returned from Norway I had that “feeling”, the one that only people who have been on Erasmus know. My friends believed that I was falling in the post Erasmus depression so they urged me to start participating to the Esn events. Cure was found!!! I was enjoying life once again and I was even happier. The integration with students from all around the world revived me tremendously.

Fun Fact: Being in Norway for 5 months and watching the Northern Lights for the first time my last night!!



Spyros Oikonomou

Student of AUEB, Department of Economic sciences

Salut à tout le monde, I am Spyros and my Erasmus experience took place at the beautiful city of Clermont Ferrand in France. Small city, full of students from all over the world and great appetite for parties what else could ask somebody for his/her exchange? What I loved most beside the trips and the parties around Europe was the people I met, people that I will always have good memories with and always being in my heart! ESN is my response to keep in touch with this awesome adventure and don’t say “The End”, yet. Plus, I know how difficult is to get to know with an unknown city, which is going to be your home for the next 6 months to 1 year, so I am here to offer you any help anytime you ask for it!

Fun fact: I used to buy beers in box of 24 bottles, so I didn’t have to buy every day. But still I had to go once every fourth day …



Efticia Psoma Floka

Student of AUEB, Department of Economics science

Olà ! Tudo bem ? Chamo me Eftichia ! Last semester I did my Erasmus in Lisbon  and I had the best time of my life. The quote "Erasmus isn't a year in your life but your life in a year " may sounds cliché but it's absolutely true ! During that semester I met interesting (and not ) people, I made so many friends and I had the chance to travel a lot ! What made my Erasmus even better was the Esn section in Lisbon ,these amazing people made me realize that once Erasmus always Erasmus. That's why I joined Esn Athens AUEB , to keep in touch with Erasmus craziness and to help others enjoy their stay in Athens . Annoying fact : I had to leave Portugal just a day before they win the European cup !

Fun fact: At the national meeting trip after a party we realize that we forgot the key of the room behind the door and we had either to pay 80€ for a new locker either to jump from balcony to balcony to enter the room . Guess what we choose


Vasilis Syrmos

Student of AUEB, Department of Accounting and Finance

Before making my decision to move in another country as an exchange student, my expectations concerning the semester abroad were already high. Travelling abroad and studying in another university was something that I would really like to do (Who doesn’t?). However, I could never have perceived my Erasmus in Nancy, France as a life changing experience. My interaction with numerous people from all over the world, was like a cultural “puzzle” consisting of many small pieces that fit perfectly together. Noticing the differences among people, is the only way to witness how closely linked our cultures are. One more thing I did during this semester, was getting out of my comfort zone. New challenges come up every day and obviously it is impossible for an Erasmus student not to take advantage of every single opportunity. But, the biggest challenge in Erasmus, was definitely time. And I was only able to realize it during my last days in Nancy, when I had to say goodbye to all these people who changed my life.

Fun fact: Trying to fit in a day’s schedule, activities that require more than 24 hours!